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I was born in 1983 and grew up in Berlin. Since I was a kid I had an enormous interest in arts. As far as I can remember in Kindergarten I was a struggling to paint or draw a decent picture. Yet a lot of children's books and cartoon shows were encouraging me to keep on trying so I continued to focus on drawings.

In grammar school I started to play accordion and piano. Over time there were more and more Instruments I couldn't keep my hands off.

I have a vocational baccalaureate diploma in arts and design. During my apprenticeship in media design I worked for a comic publishing house (called Mosaik) for a period of time. In the course of this I learned a lot about the professional work on comic books.

Just a few years ago I started with painting. I still envision myself as a beginner.

Since I have quite an imaginative mind, being a continuous victim of daydreams, I began to write my own stories and music. I have a particular fascination in classic fairy-tales and guided by that interest I'm trying to enlarge that world by making books, music, comics and plain pictures.

But now, please enjoy looking round!

Adam Engel

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